Highly specific skills and knowledge in data analytics are needed to support advances in manufacturing for the chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries. The ever-expanding volume and diversity of data provides opportunities for data to become new knowledge. Such new knowledge is enabled by data analytics and can lead to greater process and system understanding.

This webinar with JMP’s Volker Kraft and Marcus O’Mahony of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology Centre (PMTC) explores the work of the PMTC and how it supports the development of such skills and knowledge in data analytics. In a recent collaboration with its industry partners, the PMTC developed a good practice guide to data analytics, which was the conclusion of over 400 hours of interaction with industry across focus groups, case study presentations and interviews.

A number of good practices in data management, data visualisation and model development are covered in this hour-long webinar.

During this webinar you will learn:

• How data analytics can be defined

• Why data-readiness is important

• How data visualisation can be used effectively

• A number of good practices which should be considered in model development

• About opportunities to collaborate with the PMTC and access the good practice guide

Marcus O'Mahony portrait

Speaker: Marcus O’Mahony, senior research fellow with the PMTC, University of Limerick

Marcus is a senior research fellow with the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology Centre at the University of Limerick. Marcus has contributed to R&D in both academic and industrial environments for over 10 years, and he now uses that experience to support PMTC industry partners in their strategic research. Marcus supports the focus of data analytics within the PMTC and is passionate about developing new technologies for pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Volker Kraft portrait

Speaker: Volker Kraft, JMP academic ambassador, Europe

Volker Kraft is senior academic ambassador at JMP. With a background in electrical engineering, Kraft has long used statistical methods to study psychoacoustics and speech communication, later applying analytics to customer advocacy in telecommunications for Vodafone and Voxeo.


Ben Valsler


Moderator: Benjamin Valsler, digital editor, Chemistry World

Ben is the digital editor of Chemistry World magazine, producing video and podcasts to accompany the magazine and website. Prior to joining the Royal Society of Chemistry, he was the producer of the award-winning Naked Scientists, making local and national radio programmes for the BBC, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Primedia in South Africa.

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