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Design of Experiments (DoE) is the most effective way to empirically learn about technologies when there are many variables or factors to consider. Despite this, school and degree science curricula rarely teach these methods. In this fun and engaging training programme you will be introduced to DoE and you will see how it has enabled chemists to develop better solutions, faster. 

DoE can help you:

  • optimise a process to meet many targets (eg yield, impurity, material cost, cycle time) when there are many things you could change (eg pH, temperature, choice of solvent or base)
  • deliver more projects by maximising the return from your available resources
  • solve problems with manufacturing processes that should be routine but produce inconsistent results
  • provide insight into novel processes where textbooks and literature can’t provide answers

Michael Anderson, SAS

Michael Anderson

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Michael is CLSSBB and JMP Systems Engineer at SAS


Michael Anderson
CLSSBB and JMP Systems Engineer at SAS

Michael enjoys helping customers find hidden insights in data that result in quantifiable improvement. Before joining SAS, he worked in a variety of roles in high-tech manufacturing, encompassing measurement statistics, Lean Six Sigma, and cost and defect reduction. He holds a PhD in Materials Chemistry from the University of Oregon.