To make the best decisions with your data and enable the best outcomes possible, it’s essential to explore all the options and quantify the benefits and harms of each.

We are entering the era of data. The hype around the possibilities for ‘big data’ and the internet of things is all around us. This free webinar with The Art of Statistics author David Spiegelhalter highlights best practices for evidence-based communication, using a combination of data analytics and subject matter knowledge to aid better informed, more efficient decision making.

He shares lessons learned about trustworthy evidence communication through this experience, including:

  • inform, not persuade
  • balance
  • disclose uncertainties
  • state evidence quality
  • pre-bunk misinformation

Spiegelhalter is joined by JMP experts Malcolm Moore and Hadley Myers, who demonstrate how to put his lessons in to action and discuss the most valuable points mentioned by David.

By the end of this webinar you will have learned how to utilise data analytics to aid problem solving, the rules for evidence communication based on data and the data literacy skills needed to succeed.

Portrait photo of 'Art of Statistics' author David Spiegelhalter

Speaker: David Spiegelhalter, Winton Professor of the public understanding of risk, University of Cambridge

Spiegelhalter is author of The Art of Statistics and chair of the Winton centre for risk & evidence communication at University of Cambridge. His role on the board of the United Kingdom’s Office of National Statistics gave him an in-depth view of data collection and risk communication during the pandemic.


Malcolm Moore JMP Senior technical manager

Speaker: Malcolm Moore, senior technical manager, JMP

Malcolm Moore, PhD, is senior technical manager for JMP in Europe. An expert in design of experiments, Moore worked at Light Pharma, BBN and Astra Zeneca and lectured in medical statistics at Newcastle University prior to joining JMP.


Hadley Myers Systems engineer at JMP

Speaker: Hadley Myers, systems engineer, JMP

Hadley Myers, PhD, is a systems engineer at JMP. With over 10 years of combined research and manufacturing experience in photovoltaics, Myers previously worked at Smit Thermal Solutions and HelioVolt, and served on the technical advisory board of OnPeak Power.

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