Man coughing

Revolutionising RSV prevention


New vaccines and a long-acting antibody aim to protect older adults and babies from respiratory syncytial virus

Tractor spraying

Environmental groups claim US herbicide reapprovals were illegal


Lawsuit says Environmental Protection Agency ignored serious risks with 2,4-D-containing Enlist products

Demonstration plant

Recycling plastic with enzymes


Carbios can return even hard-to-recycle polyester fibres and textiles to their constituent monomers


Bio-based plastics compete for space


From drop-in replacements to new polymers, what role will renewable materials play in a sustainable future?

Woman using face cream

UK diverges from EU rules with cosmetics animal testing ban

2023-06-09T13:08:00+01:00By Vanessa Zainzinger

UK will no longer allow Reach-required animal tests intended to prove worker safety

A 3d illustration of a

US supreme court confirms Amgen’s cholesterol antibody patents invalid


Decision could mean patent descriptions need to be even more detailed, and hence expensive

Seqens/PCI Synthesis pharmaceutical plant

Deadly explosion and fire at US pharmaceutical plant


One worker killed and four hospitalised at Seqens in Newburyport

Ludhiana incident

11 dead after toxic gas leak in India


Victims were instantly overwhelmed by gas, which left high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide in air


UN asked to investigate ‘human rights violations’ by Chemours


Local campaigners claim PFAS emissions from US plant violate various rights, including to clean water and a sustainable environment