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Chemistry World welcomes you to this special careers collection, which shows just how exciting a job in chemistry can be.

Here you’ll find insight into the chemical scientist’s working day as well as advice and guidance on how to land the job of your dreams.

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At Sellafield, we’re true pioneers. We led the world in nuclear power production, now we’re the world’s first movers into environmental remediation

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Work at the forefront of nuclear know-how and UK counter-terrorism 

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Making medicines that change people’s lives is what AstraZeneca does, and so could you

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Reading Scientific Services Ltd (RSSL) is a cutting-edge contract research organisation based in Berkshire, UK

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Defence Science and Technology Laboratory

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Harnessing science and technology to protect the UK, and the rest of the world too

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Hyper Recruitment Solutions

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From creating life-saving drugs to life-changing technologies, making a difference through candidates is in our DNA 

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The Royal Society of Chemistry

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Whether exploring the elements or the science of technology, chemical scientists improve health, the environment and daily life

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AstraZeneca scientists Holly Carter and Matt Ball go head to head to explore the benefits of apprenticeships

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How an AstraZeneca apprentice solved the business-wide problem of drug compound solubility


Apprentice insight


Scientists share insights on Reading Scientific Service Limited’s apprenticeship scheme and advise their former selves

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