Eureka moments

Chemistry World and Notch Communications welcome you to our 11th special collection on eureka moments. Here we explore the process of scientific discovery and showcase the previously unheard stories behind exciting breakthroughs and life-saving innovations.

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Welcome to eureka moments

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How moments of insight and surprising collaborations lead to breakthroughs

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Peptones: over 100 years of life-saving innovation

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After a century, peptones continue to play a vital role in biopharmaceutical innovation

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In conversation with YPhos ligand pioneer, Viktoria Gessner

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YPhos ligands, invented by the Gessner Research Group, represent the latest step forward in phosphine ligand technology. Find out more in this exclusive interview with group leader Viktoria Gessner 

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PestiMix: tackling the pesticide problem

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Screening pesticide compounds just got smarter and faster

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People, partnerships, pharma: exploring the science of innovation

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The importance of fostering collaborative cultures to accelerate innovation