The future of plastics

Explore the latest in polymer chemistry and discover what the future holds for the plastics industry


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Renewable resources: the future role of lignins

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Learn how to gain more detailed insight into your lignin samples with Antje Potthast from Waters


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The theory and practice of green analytical chemistry

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Download our free white paper to get an overview of the landscape and best practice in green analytical chemistry


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Comprehensive 2D liquid chromatography for polymer applications

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Download our free white paper to see how 2D-LC offers superior analysis of complex samples

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Safety and sustainability of plastic: How the circular economy is relevant

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Global warming and ocean pollution are among the most publicly discussed topics in society today – and a circular economy relevant to both

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How to quickly identify impurities in plastic materials

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Using chemometric analysis of attenuated total reflection (ATR) spectroscopy helps scientists pinpoint impurities in recycled plastic streams