A palette of grey missiles in an industrial unit

World’s declared stockpiles of chemical weapons destroyed as US finishes the job


Chemical weapons watchdog confirms that historic milestone has been passed towards ending threat of chemical warfare

Man coughing

Revolutionising RSV prevention


New vaccines and a long-acting antibody aim to protect older adults and babies from respiratory syncytial virus

Prospect strikers

UK public sector scientists end strike action


Prospect union calls off strikes after deal reached with UK government

Bhopal disaster aftermath

Repercussions of Bhopal disaster found to echo on down through generations


Women pregnant in the city at the time of deadly accident gave birth to children who have higher risk of cancer

Grimsby Crown Court

Two-year suspended prison sentence for irresponsible home chemist


Conviction follows discovery of explosive precursors that led to evacuation of homes in Yorkshire

British Lithium mine

UK’s first commercial lithium mine could supply two-thirds of the country’s needs by 2030


British Lithium and Imerys agree venture to exploit Cornish site thought to hold 161 million tonnes of lithium oxide

PhD student in the lab

Pay rise for PhDs in Ireland, but failure to tackle other issues sees strike action threatened


Independent review recommends €25,000 salaries – however, questions over employment status and visas remain unanswered

European Commission

EU gets new research commissioner-designate


If approved, economist Iliana Ivanova will work to implement Horizon Europe and start negotiations on EU’s research and innovation Framework


High-throughput exfoliation gets graphene fabrication rolling


A new technique transform the traditional ‘sticky-tape’ method into something scalable and efficient

Earth atmosphere

Photophysical oxidation plays newly discovered role in atmospheric chemistry


Process is likely to be a general mechanism in tropospheric chemistry, especially at low altitudes


Small ring insertion expands structural editing toolbox


Bicyclic ring system made by adding a bicyclobutane into a thiophene

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  • Chemical weapons watchdog opens new lab as end nears for deadly munitions

  • Chemical weapons watchdog opens new lab as end nears for deadly munitions

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