A digital artwork of the surface of Venus - a hostile rocky landscape is shrouded in yellow fog and clouds with electrical storms

Can life exist outside of the habitable zone?


Speculation about conditions on Venus raises questions about our existing definitions

Frederick Alexander Lindemann

The Lindemann brothers’ glass


Transparently a work of art

Vitamins B

New scientific categories bring vitality


The history of vitamins shows that ‘kinds’ don’t have to exist in nature to drive scientific discoveries

Fountain pen nib, writing

Letters: July 2023

2023-07-04T08:44:00+01:00By Chemistry World

Readers discuss immortality, wine and hair straightening 

Steven Chu

Steven Chu: ‘I’m in the process of learning chemistry’


The Nobel-winning physicist on learning chemistry, staying informed and speaking out

Man swinging off an atom

When did chemists start to believe in atoms?


Questioning the purpose of science

Jean Marie Lehn

Jean-Marie Lehn: ‘Science or music really can take up all your life’

The supramolecular innovator on the importance of different cultures in research, working like a pianist, and being shocked by an opera

Susan Perkin

Developing custom apparatus to determine battery electrolyte sweet spots

Susan Perkin discusses the unique technique she uses to understand liquids and how they interact with surfaces

Serhii Radio

Chemists in Ukraine revisited: Serhii Radio

Practical difficulties hinder experiments, but a new course looks to address future environmental challenges

  • New scientific categories bring vitality

  • Introducing iteroselectivity

  • Israeli scientists in defence of democracy

  • Relying on the h-index harms the careers of people who take career breaks

  • Ukraine’s chemists persevere through a year of war

  • Analysing the Winchcombe meteor fireball