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Chemistry World and Notch Communications welcome you to our 14th collection: Problem solvers. The world is facing enormous challenges such as climate change, clean energy and healthcare. In this collection, we look at the people who are using their creative thinking to deliver innovations and make new discoveries that can answer society’s big questions.

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Welcome to the Problem Solvers collection

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The world needs solutions. And to find them, we need creative thinkers, innovators and explorers

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Abstract molecular structure in glass beads

Quality control in impurity reference standards: science for a safer world

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Customers need to be confident in the quality of a product - and that demands an exacting analytical approach

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Catalysing change: innovative solutions for greener chemistries

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New ligands are enabling the enormous potential of cross coupling reactions to solve challenges in a range of industries

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Analytical impurity standards – minimise project risk & avoid common pitfalls

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Learn how to save time and money by understanding what’s at stake when working with analytical impurity standards.